How old do I need to be to get a tattoo?

You need to be over the age of 18 to get a tattoo, this is with or without parental consent. This is a legal requirement under the Tattooing Minors Act 1969 and we make no exceptions. If you look under the age of 25, please bring photo ID with you to you appointment.

How do I go about getting booked in for a tattoo?

Wherever possible the best way to get booked in is to come into the shop. Then we can help you select the best artist for you, you can both have a quick chat and we can book you in. We will require a deposit in order to make your booking.
If it is difficult for you to call into the shop, you can send us some reference material by either email or facebook message. If you can also include as much information as possible, including the location, size, preference for artist if you have one and if you want your tattoo in colour or black and grey. Then we will be able to tell you how long you need to book in for and you can call the shop to get booked in and we can give you details to get your deposit to us.

Please contact us yourself, rather than getting your partner or mum to do it, so we can be sure of what you want, rather than going through someone else and having details lost in translation.

How long are your waiting lists

It depends on the artist. Give us a little call and we will be able to let you know. We do also have walk in appointments available.

Can I bring a friend with me to my appointment?

We don’t allow any spectators at Aurora. We have found that it gives our artists and their customers more space and less distractions.

What should I do the day of my appointment?

Try your best to have a good nights sleep and don’t have any wild parties the night before, your body will thank you for it.

The most important thing is for you to do, is make sure you have a good meal before you come in, even if you don’t feel like eating. Tattooing burns some calories, so now it the time to ditch the diet for the day and make that meal count! You may also wish to bring a sugary drink along with you.

As much as we appreciate our gorgeous customers, we would recommend that you don’t arrive in your Sunday best. Wear something comfortable, that makes it easy to get at the body part you are getting tattooed and the surrounding area. Ladies if you are getting your ribs tattooed around your bra line a tie back bikini top is idea to wear and if you are getting your back done then a shirt or cardie worn backwards works really well.

You might also find that moisturizing the area you are going to get tattooed in the weeks ahead of your appointment will help prepare the skin for the tattoo and may even help your tattoo heal faster as your skin will be in the best possible condition. It’s always worth continuing to moisturize after your tattoo has healed as it will only help to keep your tattoo looking great.

Please stay out of the sun in the weeks before your appointment and make sure you keep your tattoo out of the sun afterwords. The sun ruins tattoo’s and we can’t tattoo skin that has recently been sun burnt or is heavily tanned.

If you would like to carefully and shave the area you are getting tattooed before hand that would be great. However please take care not to cut yourself or give yourself razor burn, if in doubt, we will happily shave you at the start of your appointment.

If you are in for a long session please feel free to bring some headphones and listen to music or watch movies on your phone or laptop.

Please arrive for your appointment on time and if you have been held up for any reason, please call ahead to let us know.

This is my first tattoo, do you have any advice?

Make sure you follow the advice above, about preparing for your appointment and try your best not to get too worked up. It honestly wont be as bad as you think it will!
If you have any questions you are welcome to get in touch with us beforehand and we will help to put your mind at rest. We all remember our first tattoo’s and it’s OK to be nervous, just let us know and we will help you through the process. If at any point you feel a little sick or dizzy just let us know and we can take a break and sort you out with a drink and some lollypops :-)

Does it hurt?

Yes, a little bit. The pain is often likened to a cat scratch or a mild burning feeling.
Pain is different for everyone and everyone’s pain threshold is different. Sometimes you barely feel it, other times it hurts quite a bit but it is always bearable, if it wasn’t bearable no-one would be tattooed!
Some places on the body hurt more than others but that varies from person to person.
Don’t pick a place for your tattoo based on where you think it’ll hurt less, just get it where you want it because the pain is temporary but the results aren’t.

I have certain medical conditions or allergies can I get tattooed?

It really depends upon the condition. If in doubt please call us or pop in to ask and make sure you speak to your GP or specialist if you have any concerns.

How should I look after my tattoo?

Please make sure you follow the advice on the aftercare leaflet and verbal instructions you where given after your tattoo. After many years of experience we know which healing methods work best for our tattoos. They might be slightly different to the ones you have been given in the past, or to the way that your friends or the bloke down the pub heal their tattoos, but we know they work for our customers so please follow our advice.

How long before i go on holiday should I get tattooed?

Tattoos and the sun, sea and sand really don’t mix. We would recommend you you wait at LEAST a month after getting tattooed before you go away or spend time in the sun, sea, swimming pools or saunas. Please get a good quality sunblock and apply it whenever you are are in the sun (after your tattoo has healed). You have spent time and money getting a tattoo, it makes sense to protect it so it still looks amazing many years from now.

Can you fix or cover my old tattoo or scar?

We will certainly try our best for you. Please pop into the studio to show us your existing tattoo or scar and we will have a good look and let you know what your options are. With scars they will need to have been well healed for at least a year. Frequently massaging your scar with bio-oil will make a big difference.

How much do tattoos cost?

It really depends on the design, level of detail,size and location. For large multi-session tattoos such as sleeves and back pieces it is very difficult to give a quote, for these pieces we work off hourly and day rates. For smaller single session tattoo’s we will try our best to give you an estimate. The best way to get an idea of cost for your tattoo is to pop into the shop with your references. Alternatively you can email or Facebook message us with your reference as well as as much information as possible including, the location, size, preference for artist if you have one and if you want your tattoo in colour or black and grey.

How do i decide on a design?

The person who will know best what you would like to have tattooed is you. If you know which artist you would like to tattoo you, have a look at their portfolios on here and our Facebook page to get a good idea of their styles. When looking for reference material don’t just look at other tattoos. The world is your oyster and the more you look, the more unique your tattoo will be. For example, why not take inspiration from sculptures, photographs, painting and nature.