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    TIM AND OBAMA2Well what a crazy week!


    Emma was featured on the BBC  website yesterday, Radio Lancashire (at 2h.49m) today and filming on Monday for a BBC America exclusive! Last night the site went down as we had 250,000 hits in one day!  

    Its been a few months now since we first met up with Tim and since then we cant turn on the news without seeing him. Tim Howard is the goal keeper for Everton and Team USA and he has also just made the headlines with a world record breaking amount of saves in the World Cup. It turns out besides football and breaking records another one of his passions is tattoos.

    Tim first came to Aurora tattoo after being recommended by London’s Lal Hardy another famous tattooer who often works on the stars. Lal had shown Tim Emma’s work and we arranged to meet up for a chat, after that we got him booked in for a beautiful realistic picture of his mum when she was a wee girl, shortly after that he returned for a second tattoo of his Granddad on the back of his forearm. It was great to have him in the studio and he really is the nicest bloke you could wish to meet so we are all buzzing over his success. So cool to see The president phone him to congratulate his success, I cant image the Queen doing that.

    We are one customer away from the president haha.

    I wonder what he’d get.

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